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Bi fold shower doors - slight change to go a long way in homemaking

Bi fold shower doors have become more popular, as many homeowners are searching for upgrades for ways to maximize the value of their homes. It can be as easy to update your toilet as adjusting the depth of glass in your shower doors, or even going from framed too frameless. Know that the frameless models will add up to GBP2,500 in equity overall to the house when the home is tested with folding shower doors. You might adjust the bi-fold shower door you have if you have a new bathroom built or just redecorating the one you have.


A door offers more privacy and security than the regular shower curtain does against water splashes. The doors are also physically much more appealing as they can come with a wide range of designs. We can find them whether in transparent or frosted glass and with many images or pictures on them.

Variety is the modern authority

There are several choices for Bi-fold shower doors, including framed and frameless, various glass depths and designs in the glass, or even improved materials. Like sliding doors, framed doors rest on a track. The distinction between the forms of sliding and folding is that each piece of safety glass has a hinge in the middle. In folding doors, the safety glass comes in 1/8-, 1/4-, and 3/8-inch depth configurations. This makes a difference in terms of the form of a frame that can be used, and the prices are the fundamental difference.

For thicker glass, and variations in the length of the hinged sections, retailers charge more. The average width of one safety glass panel used in hinged shower doors that have only two panels is 24 inches, whereas larger areas can require the area to be protected by even more door panels. We recommend it that a professional be found to complete the work, as it would need custom doors for tubs or stalls that are wider than 48 inches.

Select affordable material

The glass used for these bifold doors varies from dark glass, frosted glass to transparent glass, or even etching in custom designs. In more contemporary frames, smoked glass and unfinished glass are typically used, although frameless versions usually use transparent glass. Framed doors have material choices, as it make many less costly versions of anodized aluminium. And gold-tone surfaces, polished nickel, brass, wooden design, or even plastic can be found. There is no enclosure for frameless doors in your tub or stall, but the hardware used for protection at the top and bottom of the doors can also be bought in those same finishes and materials.

The tracks used for the top and bottom of the frameless doors will, however, be sealed, and the interior of the shower tracks should also be protected. The choices for enclosures differ, as many individuals used magnetic enclosures for Bi fold shower doors. These enclosures comprise a magnet inside track and appropriately matched metal on the inside of the door to provide a secure match. Such magnets, even when wet, work and they do in any other environment.

Bi fold shower doors at Royal Bathrooms

By pulling the handle or knob on the first segment, it easily open the bi fold shower doors. The door then folds on a hinge to make more space for the tub or shower to enter and out. The doors are also much simpler to keep clean than the normal shower curtains are. With any regular household cleaner, you can usually spray the doors and wipe them down to remove any dirt and debris that can collect on them. They are often less likely to collect mould and mildew on them because it is simpler to clean them.

In an otherwise revamped bathroom, folding shower doors bring a modern look, and the improvement made to upgrade the bathroom can be seen for years to come. This type of shower door gives the sliding glass doors reliability but is also ideal for those who do not have a lot of space in the bathroom. In limited bathrooms, the use of folding doors allows for a wider open area and still maintains the same reliability and protection. Buy now!

Bi Fold Shower Doors
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